Star Road Spiritual Healing

Welcome to Star Road Spiritual Healing where we empower you to begin the long journey into yourself! We are devoted to creating a safe space for you to explore and experience who you truly are. We recognize you as a unique expression of divinity within the universe and we honor the sacred well of knowing wisdom within you that can help you to grow and heal spiritually, thereby allowing you to live more wholeheartedly and authentically in your truth.


Healing is an incredibly natural but also complex and nuanced process. Star Road Spiritual Healing uses deep listening and compassionate, intuitive questioning techniques to help you uncover and actualize your spiritual needs, desires, and goals. We also apply cross-cultural shamanic purification and healing techniques to facilitate your spiritual healing journey, incorporating insights and guidance directly from you and your spirit guides.


With every step that you take on your journey, Star Road Spiritual Healing calls to your soul and stirs your spirit, inviting you to connect deeply, to heal whole-heartedly, and to re-member who you truly are. We hope that you will allow Star Road Spiritual Healing to assist you on your path.


We invite you to learn more about us and our services!


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Start your journey here! New clients often begin with a spiritual consultation session with Tamilia which includes an empathic conversation about your spiritual desires, ...
Spiritual Consultation
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