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Who We Are

"​We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still. We have lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean. We are ready at last to set sail for the stars."
~ Carl Sagan

​The fire-pulsing stars have ignited the human spirit for millennia. Our ancestors glided their fingertips through the night air tracing their most sacred stories onto the stars, filling the black sky with radiant constellations that held and still hold the legends that shaped entire civilizations. As humans traveled by land and sea, those same star constellations transformed into compasses, signposts, and guides on long journeys across great distances. Just as our ancestors used the stars to remember who they were and to connect with places, communities, and sacred stories, we can apply this star wisdom to our own spiritual journey!


Like stars drawn into constellations, the healing process calls us to draw together the disconnected pieces of ourselves and allow them to unite. The healing process also invites us to draw together the forgotten and to connect more deeply with all beings, including the many spirits inhabiting the worlds. The star road that we each walk has many challenges but the greatest are re-membering who we are, connecting deeply with ourselves and with the human and non-human beings around us, and living authentically within our truth.


At Star Road Spiritual Healing, we facilitate this sacred dance of re-membering and (re)connecting. This is the essence of the healing process. To aid you on your spiritual healing journey, our services include consultation and guidance, spirit communication, and spirit-guided ecstatic cleansing and healing.


About Wondering One

Wondering One is the Spiritual Healer & Consultant at Star Road Spiritual Healing. She is a spirit-worker, devotional polytheist, diviner, and witch living in the Kansas City area of the United States. In all of her endeavors, spiritual and otherwise, she strives to build strong relationships within and between the worlds, while also seeking a deeper understanding of the sacred bonds that constitute and connect all beings.

​Service Delivery

All services by Star Road Spiritual Healing are available in person within the Kansas City area. Select services are available via Skype.

Sacred Reciprocity

Sacred reciprocity is a powerful concept rooted in the interconnectedness of all things. It requires balanced exchange in honor of the sacred bonds that connect us. Service fees are presented here because we value transparency and hope that it will facilitate your financial planning process. If you have questions or concerns about sacred reciprocity for our services, please contact us directly to discuss other available payment options.

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